Zpixtion creates stylized graphic design and photographic imagery for professional or personal use. As well as original digital photo art with original photographs that have a surreal dreamlike aesthetic.

"Zpixtion is a unique depiction of the world around me. It's how I like to digitally modify the Universe via my artistic style."

- Erik  Z  Scott


I am a Southern California native born in  Los Angeles and grew up in Palm Springs. I have been creating art for over most of my life and digital design for over 20 years.


One of my first projects was a cardboard bi-plane that I made when I was 7 yrs old. But Jr. & High School is when I began to seriously seek out doing creative projects. From crafting Indian gourds, acrylic/airbrush painting, various other tactile mediums and making music well before the computer age.

Now I am a professional graphic designer, photographer, and photo artist. I passionately utilize all my previous experiences to voyage into the artistic digital frontier! 

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