Zpixtion creates stylized graphics for professional or personal use.

Specializing in photo & print design


- Project & Art Direction

- Product Branding & Marketing Concepts

- Photography & Photo Direction

- Photo Editing & Manipulation

- Web Imagery, Graphics & Optimization

- E commerce Listing & Sales


- Logos (Typography)

- Catalogs, Brochures, Magazine Covers & Ads

- Posters, Banners & Billboards

- Business Cards, Postcards, Flyers & Programs 

- Apparel Graphics / Patterns, Tags & Labels 

Zpixtion [zee-pics-shuh n] | noun/adjective/verb

An alternative depiction in image form, as in a digitally manipulated photograph(s)

“The purpose of a picture can be very different. Photos are like a form of art, images for advertising, family pictures, nature, product posters and many other genres. All of them serve a different purpose. The viewer should also have critical thinking while looking at the images and understand the nuance and the nature of the photos in question.”

-  Anna Chii 

professional photographer